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Creating memorable children’s events and parties, delivering unforgettable experiences to make every occasion one to remember. 


Inspiring imaginations through role play is at the heart of all we do.


Each event or party has a variety of themed role play activities, tailored to the perfect size for Little-Master hands, and carefully designed and filled with props to offer a creative and fun experience.


Children can shop at the supermarket or become their own chef for the hour, or even take a turn at becoming a florist.


There is always work to be done at Little-Masters construction site and budding young medics can play out their roles as a doctor or vet.


We also have laid out giant train tracks with tunnels and bridges with many motorised trains to let your Little-Master let off some steam.


Role play offers so many benefits to children, and through our events or parties, your children will discover what type of Little-Master they are.


Let them be their own Master!

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